The Music of the Night with Gizza Creations!

Music of the Night with Gizza Creations

Out now from Gizza Creations is the Nicola Gown.. It is a limited edition for The 24 Event. Only 100 will be sold.. so get there early before it is too late.. It will sell very quickly I believe.


Give It To You with BeloD

Give it to you with BeloD

Betty Draesia of BeloD has released a top and panties. It is a really cute with the ruffled panties and top that comes as shown in the pic or transparent. It comes in Azul (color shown), Champagne, Mauve, Rose and Violet as well as a free gift in Rush.

I Need Your Love with AFI Designs

AFI Designs Polka Flower Suit

AFI Designs has released their Polka Flower Suit.. It’s an adoreable yellow polka dot suit with a sunflower in front as well as a cheerful yellow hat. This is a must have for that special summer garden party or any special summer event you may have.


Blurred Lines with Gizza!

Gizza Blurred Lines

Gizza has come out with a new release that I am in love with.. I’m wearing Dotty in the pic and it includes, sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, top, pants and clutch. It comes in different colors and you will love each and everyone! Run, pick them up now.


She Will Be Loved In Gizza!

Gizza Neva Gown

And you will be too.. with this recent released by Gizza. Come in Lime *color shown*, cream and salmon.


Clarity with Gizza!

Gizza Blue Thorn Dress

New at Gizza is the Thorn Dress, available in Blue, Pink, Black, Cream, Red and White. Fun and sexy it’s a must have for any occasion!


I am a Good Girl With Gizza Creations

I am a good girl

You can be as good or bad as you want to be in this new outfit by Gizza Creations, the Burlesque Corset.. They are absolutely gorgeous so incredibly detailed. They come in several different colors, the red one pictured above..


Don’t Stop The Party with AFI Designs!

AFI Don't Stop The Party

The party will never stop with you wearing this new sexy outfit by AFI Designs.. the plunging neckline of the top and peek a boo pants will have everyone wanting to party with you!


Turn The Night Up with Gizza!

Gizza Tribal Outfit Black

Turn the night or day up in Tribal Outfit by Gizza.. Comes with Beanie, Vest, Shirt, Pants, Shoes and Bracelet..